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Psychic Development Foundation

Join the 400+ people who have done this course.

The aim of this course is to give students a theoretical and practical introduction into psychic development. It is for anyone wanting to be their own intuitive guide and trust their own inner wisdom, as well as begin to learn how to work as a psychic reader.


You will learn about the energy body, the seven main chakras, the most common psychic senses, how to access your most dominant psychic sense, how a psychic works, psychometry, scrying, psychic writing, techniques to open your third eye, how to ground, cleanse and protect your energy body, how to receive psychic messages from your body, and various meditations for psychic development.


Throughout the course, there are guided practical exercises and healings as well as reflective and journaling exercises so that you can integrate the teachings. 


Lesson 1



Today I share the outline of the course with you as well as introduce myself to you. I will also give you a brief overview of my psychic development journey.

We will do a practical exercise for you to begin to feel your energy body. 

Music: Relaxing

Lesson 2

What Is A Psychic And How Do They Work


Today I will explain to you what a psychic is and how they work and you will learn about divination tools that a psychic might use. I will speak briefly about the techniques called psychometry and scrying - I will go into depths on these subjects in later lessons. I will share with you a story about how the first psychic reading I received shaped my life. 

We will do a meditation for you to feel your psychic energy body.


Music: Relaxing Piano Music by Kevin MacLeod 

Lesson 3

The Six Psychic Senses


Today you will learn about the six psychic senses and we will focus on the four most common ones which are Claircognizance, Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience.


There will be prompts as well as journalling time throughout today's class for you to reflect on how you might receive your psychic messages. 

Lesson 4

Find Your Dominant Psychic Sense


Today you will have the opportunity to access your most dominant psychic sense through a guided meditation journey.


You will connect with various elements of nature as well as a sacred river to receive psychic impressions and communication. 

Lesson 5



Today you will learn how to create an energetic circuit of communication between yourself and an object as well as how to receive a psychic transmission from the object. This is called psychometry.


In today's exercise you will find an object from nature to work with and receive a psychic transmission from the object prompted by questions from me. You will also have the opportunity to ask questions. 

Lesson 6

Psychic Writing

Today you will learn how to do psychic writing. Psychic Writing is a beautiful practice that opens the channel to your own higher wisdom as well as to wise and loving guides in other dimensions. I will share a story about my first experience with psychic writing as well as share one of my psychic writings with you.

You will have the opportunity to practice the psychic writing exercise and to receive guidance around a question that you have. 

Lesson 7

Root, Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras


Today you will learn about what a chakra is and I will talk about the seven main chakras of the body. In this class, you will learn specifically about the first three chakras of the body (Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus) and the earthly themes that they govern which are grounding, safety, security, flow, sensuality, creativity, power and courage. 

You will do a guided meditation to connect with these first three chakras of your body and gain insights into what is going on in those three themes of your life as well as how to bring any of these themes into balance. 

Lesson 8

Heart, Throat, Third Eye and Crown Chakras

Today you will learn about the four remaining chakras of the body (Heart, Throat, Third Eye, Crown) and the spiritual themes in your life that they govern.


Do you give and receive love freely, speak your truth and listen, see psychic visions, have a good imagination, and have access to receive higher spiritual knowledge? These are some of the themes of the higher, spiritual chakras.


You will do a guided meditation where you will have the opportunity to connect psychically with these four chakras and receive higher wisdom and guidance around a question that you have.  

Lesson 9

Three Techniques To Open Your Third Eye

Today you will learn three techniques to open your third eye which is your clairvoyant or psychic seeing centre. This is an important chakra to strengthen when learning psychic development. The three techniques are 'alternate nostril breathing', 'colour activation' and 'closed eye gazing'. 

You will do a guided meditation to practice these techniques as well as see deeply into your soul through the portal of your third eye. 

Music: Deep Meditation by A ShamaLeuv Music

Lesson 10


Today you will learn a technique called scrying which is to receive psychic impressions from a reflective surface like a mirror, water, or fire. I will share a story with you about how I once saw a golden Buddha reflected in a beautiful body of water!


I will guide you through a scrying exercise where you will have the opportunity to see the face of the spirit of the flame as well as other psychic impressions and information from the flame.


Music: The Sky Of Our Ancestors by Kevin Macleod

Lesson 11

How To Ground, Protect And Cleanse Your Energy Body

Today you will learn how to ground and cleanse your energy body as well as how to protect it from harmful or toxic energies. Psychic development activates and magnifies our light body so as we become more sensitive, light, and open we also become more susceptible to absorbing energies that are not ours. We can become ungrounded and feel insecure in our bodies. Some of the information I share is about crystals, salt baths, smudging, prayers and mantras, sacred sounds, protective light shields, drumming, essential oils, plus lots more!

I will guide you in various exercises to ground, cleanse, and protect your energy body. 

Lesson 12

A Meditation For Psychic Development

Today I will teach you a short yet effective energy body meditation that I used to do daily when I was a student of psychic development. It is very helpful to do this as often as possible as it does not only ground, cleanse and protect your energy body, but it will activate your light body too.


I will guide you through this meditation.

Lesson 13

I Am Psychic .. Now What?!

Today I will speak about the next steps for you to take on your psychic development journey as well as frequently asked questions (with answers!). I will also share a further reading list with you – topics ranging from psychic development to mediumship, shamanism, meditation techniques, nutrition, and more.


We will do one final meditation together where you will have the opportunity to receive a helpful message.

Music – ‘Music For Manatees’’ by Kevin Macleod

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