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The aim of this course is to give students a theoretical and practical introduction into psychic development. It is for anyone wanting to be their own intuitive guide and trust their own inner wisdom, as well as begin to learn how to work as a psychic reader.


An intuitive, or psychic, person is an empowered person. We are at a time of great change and therefore I feel that it is important to listen to our intuition even more closely now so that we can make choices that are in alignment with our truth as we move forward.


You will learn about the energy body, the seven main chakras, the most common psychic senses, how to access your most dominant psychic sense, how a psychic works, psychometry, scrying, psychic writing, techniques to open your third eye, how to ground, cleanse and protect your energy body, how to receive psychic messages from your body, and various meditations for psychic development.


Throughout the course, I share various stories around my own psychic development journey including the first mystical experience that I remember, my first ever psychic reading that I attended and how that shaped my life and how once I received a psychic message from a Beatles song!


You will work with various personal questions that you may have throughout the course, enabling you to gain insight, wisdom and guidance for yourself.


There is suggested home practice at the end of each lesson for you to further develop your psychic abilities (although this is not essential to do).


Throughout the course, there are guided practical exercises and healings as well as reflective and journaling exercises so that you can integrate the teachings.


On the final lesson I share information about suggested next steps on your psychic development journey, answers to frequently asked questions, as well as a comprehensive reading list.

Psychic Development Foundation

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