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Soul Retrieval

Soul Retrieval is at the heart of all the work that Claire does.  


Ancestral Healing, Spirit Release and Psychopomp are closely interwoven with Soul Retrieval and so these healing modalities may occur within a soul retrieval session. 

Soul loss can occur from a one off traumatic event like a car accident, the death of a loved one, or a relationship breakdown. It can also occur from an ongoing experience where the conditions are not supportive for the soul (i.e. a system that was not in alignment with the soul's higher purpose - like a certain school system, religion or family system).

The soul part 'hides away' (dissociates) in order to preserve it’s purity and gifts. It will return when it knows that it, and the gifts it carries, will be cared for, honoured, truly seen and unconditionally loved by you.


Some symptoms of soul loss can include any type of addiction, co-dependent relationships, lack of purpose, direction or wholeness, or a sense that something's missing.

Results from soul retrieval vary, and can include things like a sense of wholeness, joy, purpose, peace, transforming co-dependent ways of relating, release of addictions, better health and wellbeing, a new way of relating in the world and making better, more aligned life choices. 

"Every aspect of my life has changed (since the soul retrieval session). I don’t have that nagging feeling of not being good enough anymore. And because I’ve learnt to love myself, I could open myself to love from other people and that has changed all my relationships. I even met the man of my dreams after 4 years of being single."

                                                                 AJN, Cape Town (2018)

These sessions are in person only.

They are around 1.5 to 2 hours long. The cost is R1,500.00.

Please note: It is up to the client to take responsibility for their own decisions, actions or choices that they take following a session.

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