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A Mystical Surrender to the Heart

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This is a 10-day journey to help you surrender to and live from your heart. We explore the themes of letting go, connection, courage, acceptance, forgiveness, compassion, receiving and giving, appreciation, and joy. In this journey you will meet and work with your heart angel, inner child, someone who may have hurt you, Mother Earth, angels, Light beings, dolphins, the water spirit, and your power animal.


We will begin each day with a 3 to 5-minute explanation of the theme, followed by a meditation of around 10 minutes. At the end of each meditation, Claire will bring you to love and light in your heart and anchor you fully back into your physical body.

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Lesson 1

Meeting Your Heart Angel

In lesson 1 you will receive an overview of this 10-day course. Our first meditation is a journey to meet your Heart Angel who will work with you throughout this journey. Your Angel will transmit their divine love and light to you, which will prepare you for this journey of surrendering to the heart.

Lesson 2

Letting Go

Now that we have met our Heart Angel and have been filled with divine love and light, we can let go of anything that no longer serves us. We sometimes hold on to a false sense of safety which can cause fears, blocks, and unhealthy behaviour. As we surrender to our hearts, it is important that we release these blocks, so that we can make way for true love and connection both with our own heart and the hearts of others. Today, you will let go of anything that no longer serves you. You will do this with help from your Heart Angel and a sacred fire of transformation.

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Lesson 3

Now that you have let go of anything that no longer serves you in your heart, we explore the theme of connection and grounding. The world that we live in has become busy and frenetic, especially with the rise of technology and social media, which can cause a disconnect from our heart, our physical body, and Mother Earth. In this meditation, you will meet and connect with the Great Mother Earth Spirit sending her love and appreciation. You will receive a message from her as to how you can stay connectedwith yourself, your heart, and the heart of the Earth.

Day 3.jpg

Lesson 4

Now that you feel this strong connection both to yourself and to the earth, you are ready to meet your Power Animal who will help you to connect with your courage. It takes courage to be vulnerable, to feel your emotions, to be true with yourself, and live from your heart. In this meditation, you will meet with your Power Animal and receive guidance from them about your personal courage, and receive a symbol of courage.

Day 4.jpg

Lesson 5

It takes courage to face and accept everything about ourselves. It is from this space of self-acceptance that we can take on a powerful and authentic presence in the world. To live a powerful and authentic life, we must let go of what other people think of us. As long as we love and accept ourselves, that is all that matters. In this meditation, you will meet with your inner child and let them know how much you love and accept all parts of them.

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Lesson 6

The more we listen to and accept ourselves, the more we are able to listen to and forgive those who may have hurt us. Forgiveness does not mean that we allow a certain behaviour or we agree with it. It means that we choose to no longer react to this person or be held in a past experience in a negative way. In this meditation, you will meet with someone who may have hurt you in the past or present. You will both get the opportunity to speak your truth, and then come to peaceful letting go and forgiveness. You will do this with help from your Heart Angel.

Day 6.jpg

Lesson 7

Receiving & Giving
Once we have forgiven and let go of negative past experiences, our heart can truly begin to soften and open, helping us to live in a balance of receiving and giving. In this meditation, you will be transported by divine white light to Heavenly Light Beings and receive rainbow blessings and love. You will then spread this love outwards, creating a harmonious balance of receiving and giving.

Day 7.jpg

Lesson 8

With so much love in our heart both in receiving and giving, we are able to open up to pure appreciation of ourselves and everything around us because we are seeing the world through the eyes of love. When we focus on appreciation, we begin to attract so much into our lives to be appreciative for. Today’s meditation is going to take a slightly different form. I am going to lead you through three appreciation practices where I will explain to you what to do. I will leave you for two minutes to do the practice, and then we will move on to the next practice.

Day 8.jpg

Lesson 9

Appreciation leads to joy. The heart loves to feel joy as this connects us to the deepest, purest essence of our being. A child knows how to feel joy, but quite often, due to how life unfolds as we get older, we may begin to lose our sense of Joy. In today’s meditation, you will play with dolphins which will release sounds of love and joy towards you. During this time, you will glimpse into yourself as a child doing the things you loved doing. You will receive all that joy back into your heart.

Day 9.jpg

Lesson 10

This final day is about anchoring and embodying pure love and connection to your entire being. You will send love to and connect with your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual body. It is a grounded and loving way to integrate and complete this 10-day journey of surrendering to the heart.

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