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In this 10-day online audio course you will learn how to go on a shamanic journey to the lower world and meet with your power animal. You will work mostly with your power animal, the spirit of fire and the spirit of earth.


In this self paced 10 day online course you will discover how to use your different psychic senses to communicate with your power animal and the nature spirits, and how to access your most natural psychic sense.


You will learn about the portal between the different worlds and how to move in and out of the non-ordinary reality. There will be an exercise for you to find your specific portal to the lower world.


We will delve into the three different worlds – the middle, the lower, and the upper worlds – from a shamanic perspective.


You will understand the difference between imagining versus receiving messages which is important for a good, clear shamanic journey. We will also discuss the causes and symptoms of power loss, and in one of the journeys, you will go to your place of power to retrieve any personal power that you may have lost.


You will learn how to develop the relationship with your power animal, including how to create a spirit home for them, and how to create ceremony and ritual to invoke the presence of spirit.


You will get a glimpse at the future to see what your life could look like when you are living totally in the truth and power of who you are. You will merge with your power animal to embody the gifts of power that they bring you.


The course includes theory, as well as many practical exercises where you will get to experience a traditional shamanic journey with only drum beats. The rest of the journeys will be guided by myself, with carefully selected sounds and music to evoke the different themes.


Lesson 1
What Is A Shamanic Journey?

Lesson 2
How To Go On A Shamanic Journey To The Lower World

Lesson 3
Power Animals & Psychic Communication

Lesson 4
Guided Shamanic Journey To Meet Your Power Animal

Lesson 5
Shamanic Journey To Learn About Your Gift Of Power

Lesson 6
Causes & Symptoms Of Power Loss

Lesson 7
Guided Shamanic Journey To Retrieve Lost Power

Lesson 8
Building The Relationship With Your Power Animal

Lesson 9
Mother Earth & How To Support Her

Lesson 10
FAQs & Power Merging

Shamanic Journey to the Lower World

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