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Psychic Development
Module 1

What is the Psychic Development Module 1 Course? The Module 1 Course is a live online course that meets weekly online for eight weeks.

How long is each session? 90 minutes

What will I learn?

  • How to do a three different style psychic readings for a client

  • Breathwork techniques for psychic development

  • Psychic cords

  • How to cut psychic cords for self and another

  • How to work with Archangels

  • How to work with your Spirit Guide

  • How to work as a Medium

  • How to go on a Shamanic Journey to the lower world

  • How to meet and work with your Power Animal

Psychic Development Module 1.png

You will be guided in various meditations and journeys to:

  • Give three different psychic readings (you will also receive three psychic readings)

  • Cut your own psychic cords

  • Cut someone else's psychic cords

  • Meet and receive useful information from your Spirit Guide about your soul's purpose

  • Receive a healing from Archangel Michael and receive information about boundaries from him

  • Connect and dialogue with a well known person in spirit form (we do this as a group)

  • Go on a shamanic journey into the lower world

  • Meet and work with your power animal and learn about your gift of power and how to use it

Is there homework? There is suggested homework between the lessons in order to integrate that teaching. This is not essential but will help to strengthen your spiritual gifts.

Do I get to practice on other people? Yes. This course is a mixture of practicing on yourself as well as others in the group. In the Conscious Community Membership Program (which is what you can join after you complete this course) there are opportunities to practice on invited guests.

How do the classes work? Each class starts with an opening meditation followed by a check in with each other. Claire then will teach the theory for that session followed by a practical exercise to integrate the theoretical understanding. We close each class with a grounding meditation too.

Is it only online? Yes. It is a live online class only.

Can anyone join? Anyone who has completed Claire’s Foundation Course  (or similar with another teacher) can join.


Can I do the course any time? Yes. There are two intakes per year. One in April and one in September.

When is the next intake? The next intake is Monday 24 April – Monday 12 June at 11h30 – 13h00 SAST. The intake after that is Monday 18 September at 17h30 SAST.

Once I have completed the course, then what? Once you have completed the course, you are invited to join Claire’s Conscious Community Membership Program. This community is live and meets weekly throughout the year. 

How much is the course?  1 instalment of $450/R5000 or 2 instalments of $240/R2700. The one instalment is to be paid upfront, and the two installments are to be paid by the end of the second month of the course. 

I am ready! How do I sign up?  Please send an email to Claire here to register your interest in the course. 

How to do I pay for the course? There are two options below. For USD $ payment use the relevant PayPal button. For ZAR payment see info underneath that. 

Payment Options

There are two ways to pay, in USD $ or ZAR. To pay in USD $, select the relevant PayPal button below. To pay in ZAR, see information underneath that

If you are paying in Rands, please send your EFT to the below bank account, with your name as reference. Please note: this is for South African residents only, with a South African bank account.

Name: Miss C P Creighton
Bank: Standard Bank
Account: 073599539
Branch: 025009

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