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Claire Creighton is a shamanic practitioner and spiritual guide. 

Claire offers Soul Retrieval, Inner Child Healing, Intuitive Coaching and Conscious Connected Breathwork

Claire also has an online shop, offering various self-paced online courses as well as her photography

She completed her Shamanic Practitioner training in the UK with Second Sight Healing. She completed her Conscious Connected Breathwork training in Cape Town with Bodhi Breath. She completed her EFT (emotional freedom technique) practitioner training through New Age Therapies in Cape Town.

Claire has studied various short courses like the Foundations of Modern Psychology through Birkbeck University London and Counselling Skills through Kingston College of Further Education London. Her Psychic and Mediumship studies were done in the UK with the College of Psychic Studies.

Claire's certifications are: Shamanic Practitioner, Conscious Connected Breathwork Facilitator and EFT Practitioner.

You are welcome to scroll through the various pages to read about Claire's various offerings. 

Shamanic Journey to the Lower World.png

Shamanic Journey to the Lower World

Join the 4000+ people who have done this course


In this 10 day online audio pre-recorded course you will learn how to go on a shamanic journey to the lower world and meet with your power animal. You will work mostly with your power animal, the spirit of fire and the spirit of earth. No previous experience is necessary.

"This class was just the best thing ever! I feel SO excited to continue forward with shamanic journeying and working with my medicine. Life changing class. Thank you so much!!!"

                                                             Marlee P, USA (Sept 2023)  

A Mystical Surrender to the Heart

Join the 2,500+ people who have done this course


Rekindle love, purpose and connection in your life by surrendering your heart to meditation, mysticism and light. This is a 10-day journey to help you surrender to and live from your heart.

"Fabulous course! Perfect balance of short talks, followed by deep nourishing guided meditations on a series of themes that took me deep into my heart."

                                                    Vicki, Seattle USA (June 2023)  


* New Course * Psychic Deveopment Foundation

Join the 400+ people who have done this course

In this course, you will learn about the energy body, the seven main chakras, the most common psychic senses, how to access your most dominant psychic sense, how a psychic works, psychometry, scrying, psychic writing, techniques to open your third eye, how to ground, cleanse and protect your energy body, how to receive psychic messages from your body, and various meditations for psychic development.

"This was a fantastic course. I'm just starting to dive into psychic development and this course helped me understand the basics while also giving me the confidence I needed to believe there's more to our experience in this world. I was a skeptic and this course helped me see beyond that. Thank you! Would definitely check your course on shamanic journey."

                                                             Monica (April 2024)  

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